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Wednesday, 15 November 2017 22:18

IATIS Yearbook 2017

The 2017 Yearbook Interpreting and the Politics of Recognition, edited by Christopher Stone and Lorraine Leeson, is devoted to Interpreting Studies and deals with historical, ethical and professional aspects of both spoken and signed interpreting.
Saturday, 11 February 2017 14:37

IATIS Yearbook 2016

Human Issues in Translation Technology, edited by Dorothy Kenny, looks at translation technologies from the point of view of the human users – whether trainee, professional or voluntary translators, post-editors of translations produced by machines, human evaluators or readers of sub-titled material.
Monday, 14 November 2016 07:31

IATIS Yearbook 2015

Authorizing Translation, edited by Michelle Woods, applies ground-breaking research in literary translation to examine the intersection between Translation Studies and literary criticism, rethinking ways in which analyzing translation and the authority of the translator can provide nuanced micro and macro readings of a literary work and the worlds through which…
Sunday, 08 September 2013 14:38

IATIS Yearbook 2013

For the first time in English, Anthony Cordingley brings together scholars from around the world to focus on self-translation and its practitioners. The self-translator challenges concepts of originality, fidelity and also of invisibility as well as the conventional binary opposition of source and target texts. The essays in this volume…
IATIS Yearbook 2012 This volume presents fresh approaches to the role that translation – in its many forms – plays in enabling and mediating global cultural exchange. As modes of communication and textual production continue to evolve, the field of translation studies has an increasingly important role in exploring the…
IATIS Yearbook 2010 Cognitive Explorations of Translation focuses on the topic of investigating translation processes from a cognitive perspective. With little published on this topic to date, Sharon O'Brien brings together a global collection of contributors covering a range of topics. Central themes include modelling translation competence, construction and reformulation of text meaning,…
IATIS Yearbook 2009 Theories constantly change and grow. One consequence of this is that people write books and articles about their own and other people's theories, and translators almost always tell you their  theory (perhaps without realizing) in the introductions to their translations. A further consequence is that many of…
Wednesday, 02 April 2008 18:51

Translation Studies in Africa

IATIS Yearbook 2008 Africa is a huge continent with multicultural nations, where translation and interpretation are everyday occurrences. Translation studies has flourished in Africa in the last decade, with countries often having several official languages. The primary objective of this volume is to bring together research articles on translation and…
IATIS Yearbook 2007 As a research area, education in the fields of translation and interpreting has received growing attention in recent years, with the increasing professionalization of the language-mediation sector demanding ever more highly trained employees with broader repertoires. This trend is evidenced in the present collection, which addresses issues…
Sunday, 02 April 2006 18:59

Translation as Intervention

IATIS Yearbook 2006 This book examines the role of translation as a politically and socially active phenomenon which moulds and potentially alters the outcome of many types of communicative event. The contributors examine the effect of translation and intervention in a range of situations and case studies including the European…
IATIS Yearbook 2005 The IATIS Yearbook 2005, Translation and the Construction of Identity, is one of the two types of volumes based on papers presented at the IATIS Inaugural Conference, held in Seoul in August 2004. It consists of a thematically coherent collection of papers on the theme of‘Identity’ edited…

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