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Funding Opportunity

The Regional Committee are pleased to announce that IATIS will continue to fund a maximum of £750  for each workshop. Workshop organizers are expected to source further funding from local funding bodies and organizations to meet the total cost of the workshop if required. IATIS is committed to stimulating interaction among scholars in different geographical regions, particularly in regions where Translation Studies is still developing and gaining recognition.

Applications will be reviewed and decisions made twice a year, with deadlines of May 31 and November 30 each year. We expect workshops to be held within the following six months to a year after the deadline.

Conditions of funding:

  1. The organizers must be members of IATIS at the time of application.
  2. The organizers must prominently display IATIS name and logo in all promotional materials.
  3. The organizers must introduce the work of IATIS at the workshop and encourage participants to become members.
  4. The organizers must submit a full report of their workshop within 6 weeks of the end of the workshop. This report will be posted on the IATIS website.

Applications for funding along with a concept note for the workshop can be sent to any member of the Regional Workshops Committee with the following information:

  • Theme: a broad-based theme relating to translation studies and a statement on how the theme is relevant to the region.
  • Format: Please state what kind of format you think will be most suitable to explore your workshop theme (please regional workshops home page for more details).
  • Dates: When is the workshop planned? Please note that the workshop should be held within approximately 6-12 months after the advertised closing date.
  • Funding: Why the organizers need this funding? How will it be spent?
  • Future Plans: A statement on plans to sustain and develop the network the organizers create during the workshop.

Next closing date: November 30, 2019 (for workshops planned for 2021)

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