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Wednesday, 04 May 2011 10:03

Cognitive Explorations of Translation

IATIS Yearbook 2010

Cognitive Explorations of Translation focuses on the topic of investigating translation processes from a cognitive perspective. With little published on this topic to date, Sharon O'Brien brings together a global collection of contributors covering a range of topics.

Central themes include modelling translation competence, construction and reformulation of text meaning, translators' behaviour during translation and what methodologies can best be utilized to investigate these topics.  Techniques covered include eye-tracking, Think-Aloud protocols, keyboard logging and EEG (Electroencephalogram).

This book will be of interest to researchers and postgraduates in translation studies and cognitive linguistics as well as practicing translators.


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Sharon O’Brien


1. Back to basics: designing a study to determine the validity and reliability of verbal report data on translation processes

Riitta Jääskelainen

2. Results of the validation of the PACTE translation competence model: Translation project and dynamic translation index


3. Exploring translation competence acquisition: criteria of analysis put to the test

Susanne Göpferich, Gerrit Bayer-Hohenwarter, Friederike Prassl and Johann Stadlober

4. Development of translation competence in novices: a corpus design and key logging analysis

Heloísa Pezza Cintrão

5. Uncertainty management, metacognitive bundling in problem solving, and translation quality

Erik Angelone and Gregory M. Shreve

6. EEG, EYE and Key: three simultaneous streams of data for investigating the cognitive mechanisms of translation

Christian Michel Lachaud

7. Translation directionality and the revised hierarchical model: an eye-tracking study

Vincent Chieh-Ying Chang

8. Towards an investigation of reading modalities in/for translation: an exploratory study using eye tracking data

Fabio Alves, Adriana Pagano and Igor da Silva

9. Cognitive effort in metaphor translation: an eye-tracking study

Annette Sjørup

10. Distribution of attention between source text and target text during translation

Kristian T.H. Jensen

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  • Edited by:

    Sharon O'Brien

  • ISBN (Paperback): 9781441172686

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