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Monday, 14 November 2016 07:31

IATIS Yearbook 2015

IATIS Yearbook 2015 IATIS Yearbook 2015

Authorizing Translation, edited by Michelle Woods, applies ground-breaking research in literary translation to examine the intersection between Translation Studies and literary criticism, rethinking ways in which analyzing translation and the authority of the translator can provide nuanced micro and macro readings of a literary work and the worlds through which it moves.


A magisterial introduction provides an overview of the field of Literary Translation Studies and suggests possible avenues for future research, while six case-study-based chapters by a new generation of Literature and Translation Studies scholars focus on the question of authority by asking:


  • Who authors translations?
  • Who authorizes translations?
  • What authority do translations have in different cultural contexts?
  • What authority does Literary Translation Studies have as a field?


Woods promotes a "process of reading and translating—and reading translations—somewhat organic and moveable, constantly indefinable, a practice full of doubts—and possibilities."

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