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Federico Zanettin

As digital convergence marks the transition from print to screen culture, translation plays an in...creasingly important role of in the production and dissemination of the news. The translation of information in the news media is a pervasive set of practices that affects the daily consumption of the news and a topic of relevance to scholars in several areas of the humanities and the social sciences. This book provides a wide-ranging and accessible introduction to research in news media translation practices, products and processes, illustrating and discussing historical, theoretical and descriptive perspectives. Inter- and multi-disciplinary research spans fields such as Translation Studies, Linguistics, Journalism and Media Studies, and includes approaches from Critical Discourse Analysis and narrative theory to Systemic Functional Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics. The book also offers first-hand analyses of news texts in English and Italian, approaching news translation from an ethnomethodological perspective.

The translation of comics used to be an overlooked and under-investigated area within Translation Studies but has more recently become an inspiring field of academic enquiry thanks to such publications as Klaus Kaindl’s ‘Thump, Whizz, Poom: A Framework for the Study of Comics under Translation’ (1999) and ‘Multimodality in the Translation of Humour in Comics’ (2004) or Federico Zanettin’s edited volume Comics in Translation (2008) and ‘Visual Adaptation in Translated Comics’ (2014), among others. The present issue of inTRAlinea is an attempt to build on these important publications and to shed new light on the translation of comic strips, comic books and graphic novels in a variety of contexts. Approaches include localization, multimodality, graphic modifications, textual transformations, various publishing and marketing adjustments of comics to new audiences, as well as fan scanlation projects

Perugia, 9-10 May/ mai/ maggio 2019

International Conference at the University of Perugia, Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche in collaboration with the Genealogies of Knowledge project (University of Manchester)

Colloque international organisé par l’Università di Perugia, Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche en collaboration avec Genealogies of Knowledge Project (University of Manchester)

Convegno internazionale organizzato dall’Università di Perugia, Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche in collaborazione con il Genealogies of Knowledge Project (University of Manchester)

10-11 November 2017

University of Bologna, Forlì Campus

TechLING is an international conference devoted to the application of technology to language teaching, translation and interpreting. We are looking for contributions that present novel technology-based approaches, both academic and non academic, to the study, use and commercialization of language-related solutions/applications.

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