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Monday, 18 April 2011 17:45

Translating Promotional and Advertising Texts

Promotional and advertising texts come in different forms and account for a considerable share of the translation market. Advertisements, company brochures, websites, tourist guides, institutional information campaigns, and even personal CVs all share a common primary purpose: that of persuading the reader to buy something, be it a product or a lifestyle, or to act in a particular way, from taking preventive measures against health risks to employing one candidate in preference to another. Consequently, their translation requires the application of techniques which, although they vary depending on the specific text type, are all aimed at preserving that persuasive purpose. This often requires in-depth cultural adaptation and, on occasion, thorough rewriting.

Translating Promotional and Advertising Texts covers different areas of personal promotion, business to business promotion, institutional and business to consumer promotion, including advertising. Numerous examples from a wide variety of languages and media, taken from the author's own professional experience and from real-life observation, are provided throughout. The volume is designed for use as a coursebook for classroom practice or as a handbook for self-learning. It will be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students, but also freelance and in-house translators, as well as other professionals working in sales, public relations or similar departments whose responsibilities include involvement in the management of multilingual advertising and promotion activities.

Author/Editor: Ira Torresi
Year of publication: 2010
Place of Publication & Publisher: Manchester: St Jerome Publishing (UK)
Publisher URL: Practices Explained&section=3
ISBN/ISSN: 1-905763-20-4
Price and ordering information: £25 (inc. postage and packing) Practices Explained&section=3



List of Tables and Illustrations
1. Introduction: Why a Book on the Translation of Promotional Texts?
1.1 How to use this book
1.2 Intended readership
1.3 A short note on terminology
1.4 Structure
1.5 What this book does and does not do

2. Promotional Translation and Professional Practice
2.1 Why advertising and promotional translators aren't just translators
2.2 Valuable tools: the brief, visuals, multiple versions, and negotiation
2.3 A short note for freelance translators: can one live off promotional and advertising translation?

3. Key Issues in Promotional Translation
3.1 The brand name
3.2 Accuracy and loyalty to the original text
3.3 Different kinds of text

4. Translating Promotional Material: Self-Promotion
4.1 Source, target, context of distribution, and information-to-persuasion ratio
4.2 Self-promotion
4.2.1 CVs
4.2.2 Job application letters
4.2.3 Personal websites with a promotional purpose

5. Translating Promotional Material: Business-to-Business
5.1 B2B promotional texts
5.1.1 Brochures and websites Product presentation websites/brochures Company presentation websites/brochures
5.1.2 B2B advertisements

6. Translating Promotional Material: Institutional Promotion
6.1 Institutional promotional texts
6.1.1 Institution-to-institution (I2I)
6.1.2 Institution-to-user (I2U) I2U promotion in the healthcare field Tourist promotion Awareness-raising

7. Translating Promotional Material: Business-to-Consumer
7.1 Business-to-consumer (B2C): creative and emotional language
7.1.1 B2C brochures and websites
7.1.2 B2C advertisements

8. Translating Persuasion across Cultures

A Glossary of Terms

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