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Monday, 18 April 2011 17:35

Translation Under Fascism

In the fascist regimes of the mid twentieth century – this volume the focuses on Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal – translation was a carefully, though not always successfully, managed cultural practice. Translation policies attempted to steer public perceptions and promote or brake ideological change.

Translation Under Fascism examines translation practices under fascism within their historical context – from publishers' biographies, institutional constraints and long-term literary trends right down to the textual choices made by translators and editors in individual translations. All these aspects of a translation analysis allow insight into the workings of international cultural exchange in times of dictatorship, and are of interest equally to translation scholars and historians of culture in the periods concerned.

The spectrum of translation policies and practices presented here indicates different paradigms, different obsessions and different institutional frameworks, but also shared rhetorical motifs such as the ideas of translation as a cultural weapon and translation as a form of cultural contamination.

Notes on Contributors
Translation and the History of Fascism; C.Rundle & K.Sturge
Translation in Fascist Italy: 'The Invasion of Translations'; C.Rundle
'Flight from the Programme of National Socialism'? Translation in Nazi Germany; K.Sturge
It was what it wasn't: Translation and Francoism; J.Vandaele
Translation in Portugal during the Estado Novo Regime; T.Seruya
Literary Exchange between Italy and Germany: German Literature in Italian Translation; M.Rubino
The Einaudi Publishing House and Fascist Policy on Translations; F.Nottola
French-German and German-French Poetry Anthologies 1943-45; F-R.Hausmann
Safe Shakespeare: Performing Shakespeare During the Portuguese Fascist Dictatorship (1926-74); R.P.Coelho
The Boundaries of Dictatorship; M.Philpotts

The Editors:
CHRISTOPHER RUNDLE is Lecturer in Translation at the University of Bologna, Italy, and Honorary Research Fellow in Italian and Translation Studies at the University of Manchester, UK. He is the author of Publishing Translations in Fascist Italy (2010) and Co-ordinating Editor of the online translation journal inTRAlinea (
KATE STURGE is Visiting Senior Lecturer in Translation Studies at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. She is the author of studies on translation in Nazi Germany, including 'The Alien Within': Translation into German during the Nazi Regime (2004) and on translation in ethnography. She Co-edits the journal Translation Studies (


Author/Editor: Christopher Rundle & Kate Sturge (eds)
Year of publication: 2010
Keywords: Translation History, Cultural History of European Fascisms, German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese History of the Twentieth Century, German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese Literature of the Twentieth Century, Comparative Literature, Sociology or Politics of Literature
Place of Publication & Publisher: Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
Publisher URL:
ISBN/ISSN: 023020354X, 9780230203549
Price and ordering information: Price £55.00. (Hardback)
Available online from the publisher's website and on Amazon.

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