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Thursday, 09 July 2015 00:05

New Voices in Translation Studies 12 (2015)

IATIS, the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies, is pleased to announce the online publication of the TWELFTH issue of New Voices in Translation Studies. Issue 12 consists of a selection of four articles by young researchers (IPCITI 2013 proceedings) and four abstracts of recently submitted Ph.D. theses.

The four papers of this issue explore issues as diverse as the relationship between text and illustrations, data collection in ethnographic research into ad-hoc interpreting in a linguistically diverse emergency department, the translation of multilingualism in film, and points of contact between scientific and technical translation and cognitive linguistics.The four abstracts may be summarized with the following keywords: consecutive interpreting, gender violence, Jonathan Swift, public service interpreting, social semiotics, training models in financial translation, visual communication

The free, open-access journal is available through the IATIS website,, at

Issue 13 (Fall 2015) may be expected to see publication in Fall 2015 and will introduce a section dedicated to book reviews.

Previous issues of New Voices in Translation Studies are available at

New Voices in Translation Studies is a refereed electronic journal co-sponsored by IATIS and the Centre for Translation and Textual Studies (CTTS) at Dublin City University. The aim of the journal is to disseminate high quality original work by new researchers in Translation Studies to a wide audience. New Voices welcomes submissions of papers, abstracts of recently submitted PhD theses and book reviews. As specified in the Editorial Policy, preference will be given to contributions by researchers new to the field. However, contributions from more experienced researchers will also always be welcome. Submissions should be formatted according to the guidelines on our website and sent to newvoices(a)

Geraldine Brodie, Elena Davitti, David Charlston, M. Zain Sulaiman, Alice Casarini and Gloria Kwok Kan Lee





Introduction to IPCITI 2013 Proceedings

Editors: Geraldine Brodie, Elena Davitti, David Charlston, M. Zain Sulaiman, Alice Casarini and Gloria Kwok Kan Lee

Guest editors: Pedro Castillo, Panagiota-Penny Karanasiou, Marwa Shamy and Lee Williamson


The relationship between text and illustrations in a translated science book for children from 19th-century Japan
Isamu Amir and Kayoko Nohara, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN

Ethnographic research on ad hoc interpreting in a linguistically diverse emergency department: The challenges of data collection
Antoon Cox, Department of Applied Linguistics, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, BELGIUM
and School of Medical Education and The Centre for Language,
Discourse & Communication, King’s College London, UNITED KINGDOM

Translating multilingualism in film: A case study on Le concert
Giuseppe De Bonis, Department of Interpreting and Translation, University of Bologna, ITALY

On Points of Contact between Scientific and Technical Translation and Cognitive Linguistics
Ralph Krüeger, Cologne University of Applied Sciences, GERMANY


Characterization and contextualization of financial translation: an empirical-descriptive study of its academic and professional condition in Spain
Elena Alcalde Peñalver, University of Granada, SPAIN

Public Service Interpreting from a Gender Perspective. Approximation to the Case of Interpreting for Female Non-Spanish-Speaking Victims of Gender Violence
Anca Bodzer, University of Alcalá, SPAIN

Reworkings in the textual history of Gulliver’s Travels: a translational approach
Alice Colombo, University of Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM

Investigating note-taking in consecutive interpreting – Using the concept of visual grammar
Li-Wen Chang, University of Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM


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