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Monday, 10 June 2024 14:10

Translation Culture of the GDR

We cordially invite you to the conference “Translation Culture(s) of the GDR” as a continuation of the conference “Translating in the GDR” that was held in Berlin in 2022. The conference will focus on the representation of one or more translation cultures (Prunč 2008) of the GDR, with the aim of summarizing previous research and gaining a comprehensive understanding of translation in the GDR. The focus will be primarily on specialized translation, which has been overlooked in previous studies that have primarily focused on the literary field, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon of translation in the GDR.

Contributions are welcome on topics such as the translation policy of the GDR as a state as well as of individual organizations in the GDR, examining the extent to which the political situation during the GDR’s existence led to an increase in translation activities; the motives behind the translation policies to be observed are just as crucial as the effects on a translation culture. Following on from this is the question of relations between the GDR and other countries or institutions that were established and maintained through translation. This does not only include bilateral relations with the FRG, for example, but also institutional networks such as the involvement in (inter)national professional associations and organizations. Furthermore, we encourage an examination of the actual practice of translation, as it forms a significant part of translational culture and can be understood within diverse networks.
We invite you to submit contributions on these topics or related issues:

Translation policy of the GDR and/or institutions in the GDR: What was translated? Who were the individuals involved in the translation process? What were the motives behind the translation policies? What effects did these policies have on the institutions and professional practice? To what extent were they influenced by the political situation?

Translational relations and networks of the GDR and/or institutions in the GDR: What translational relations existed with other states and/or institutions on a national and international level? How did these relationships develop? What roles did these relations and networks play?

Translation practice: What were the working conditions of translators and interpreters and how were they influenced? What role did professional organizations play in shaping professional practices?
Investigating translation cultures always also includes insights derived from case studies, especially in the sense that they serve as a starting point for further questions and ultimately contribute to the abstraction of findings, enabling researchers to make more general statements about the respective translation culture.
Please send your abstracts of no more than 300 words to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 31 July. The abstracts can be written in English or German. There is no conference fee for presenters. The conference will be held on site. Please note that the details are subject to change without notice.

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