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Friday, 07 January 2022 14:46

'Unstated' mediation: On the ethical aspects of non-professional interpreting and translation, 25-27 May 2023, Nicosia, Cyprus

Scholars from Translation Studies and other disciplines (such as Sociology or Communication Studies) are increasingly becoming more interested in the multi-faceted and thought-provoking topic of interpreting and translation provided by non-professionals of any age and background, with or without remuneration, under a variety of circumstances, and for a wide spectrum of reasons. Non-professional interpreting and translation (NPIT) are widespread enough to allow us to see translation and interpreting not only as recognized and established professions but also as a ubiquitous social practice of much-needed mediation. In this context, one might attempt to investigate NPIT not merely as an opposite, and perhaps problematic, or even renegade, pole to professional mediation, but as ‘unstated’ mediation. NPIT presents an acceptable practice, which, however, remains less visible and less appreciated not only by professionals and society in general but even by non-professional interpreters and translators themselves.

Delving into the ethical aspects of NPIT would provide perhaps one of the most inclusive categories which can act as a generic framework for investigating the forms it can take and its repercussions for all ‘sides’ involved. More specifically, the NPIT6 Conference at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia will attempt to explore the ethical questions arising from the ‘unstated’ character of NPIT. In so doing, NPIT6 aims to align itself with contemporary research trends and continue the fruitful discussions of the previous NPIT conferences, from the ‘natal’ one at the University of Bologna/Forlì in 2012, through to NPIT2 in Mainz/Germersheim (2014), NPIT3 in Zurich (2016), NPIT4 in Stellenbosch (2018), and NPIT5 in Amsterdam & Utrecht (2021). In the 2023 conference, emphasis is placed on the status and conceptualization of NPIT, as well as on ethical questions regarding not only NPIT itself but also professional interpreting and translation, their role in society, and their possible impact on the very notions of mediation and professional identity.

The 6th International Conference on Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation (NPIT6) Organizing Committee invites proposals for presentations on any theoretical, empirical, and/or methodological aspect of research related to the conference theme. For all proposals, the official conference language is English.

Three categories of proposals will be considered: (i) individual presentations, (ii) panels, and (iii) posters. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Ethics and professional identity
  • Mapping NPIT
  • Ethical models of mediation
  • Conceptualizations of ethical conduct by professional and non-professional mediators
  • Human crises, conflict situations, and ad hoc translation and/or interpreting
  • Adult/child language and cultural brokering / Family interpreting
  • Non-professional vs professional community translation and interpreting settings (NGOs, asylum-seeking, health care, community and social care, courts, and police)
  • Non-professional translation and/or interpreting within other professional contexts (teaching, journalism, business communication, etc.)
  • Information technologies and machine translation
  • Natural/native translation and interpreting
  • Non-professional church/religious interpreting and/or translation
  • Non-professional interpreting and/or translation for the media
  • Non-professional sign language interpreting
  • Stakeholder perspectives on non-professional interpreters and translators
  • Training for non-professional interpreters and translators
  • Integration of non-professional mediators into professional communities

Deadline for proposals: 18 September 2022

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