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Monday, 22 November 2021 11:33

CfP: Special issue of Perspectives (2023)

Pivot audiovisual translation: A burning issue for research and training. Guest-edited by Hanna Pięta, Susana Valdez, Rita Menezes and Stavroula Sokoli

This special issue focuses on pivot audiovisual translation (AVT), understood as the process or product of translating an audiovisual content through an intermediate language or text.

AVT research and training want to keep pace with the fast-evolving market, and this makes pivot AVT a burning issue for these two areas. To address this issue, we call for contributions engaging with key questions that include, but are not limited to: − how were pivot AVT produced and received in the past; how are they produced and received today? − what were/are the reasons and causes of translating audiovisual content from translation or with further translation in mind? − what are the attitudes, beliefs and expectations of audiovisual translators who create or work from pivot texts? In which modes or settings are they more/less tolerant towards this practice? How about other stakeholders? − how exactly are pivot AVT different from direct AVT, for example in terms of their linguistic make-up or translators’ and viewers’ expectations? − are there patterns related to indirectness that are common to various AVT modes (e.g. deaf relay interpreting; videogame localization; fansubbing)? − which models of analysis can help us classify different instances of indirectness within AVT? − what specific competences and technologies are needed to efficiently translate audiovisual content from translation or with a further translation in mind? − when, where and how exactly can we train translators to produce pivot AVT of the highest quality possible?

Closing date for submissions: 22 December

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