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Thursday, 18 March 2021 16:22

The Łódź-ZHAW Duo Colloquium on Translation and Meaning 2nd session: ZHAW, Winterthur, Switzerland, 2-4 September 2021

The ZHAW session of the Duo Colloquium 2020/2021 has a more industry-oriented focus on the theme Contextuality in Translation and Interpreting. Contextuality can be understood at any level, from the geopolitical to the textual, and embraces both academic and professional considerations of translational and interpreting phenomena. The sub-themes of the Duo Colloquium 2020/2021 concern the context(s) and/or decontextualisation in translation and interpreting theory and practice, embracing both academic and professional considerations of meaning in translation and interpreting from a variety of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives. The sub-themes of the ZHAW session include the interface of translation and/or interpreting with: • agency and empowerment • corpus and/or text linguistics • domain specificity (e.g. economics, law, science, medicine, religion) • education or training • lexicography or terminology • metaphor and/or phraseology • modality and/or media • (new) professional roles • quality assessment • situated practice(s) • sociotechnical systems • technology

Updated deadline for submissions: 21 May

There are no longer charging fees for participation.

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