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Recently, in technical communication new topics have come to the fore, such as "Information 4.0", "Linked (Open) Data" and "Augmented Reality", just to name a few. It seems to be clear that the future will bring about new ways of producing, presenting and consuming technical content, not least due to the widespread use of mobile devices. An overarching question is what research in the fields of translation and technical communication can contribute to all that at the interface between the industry 4.0 world and the language and knowledge resources world.

Since there is a pressing need for academic reflection on this, the following topics should be explored further in a dedicated trans-kom Special Issue (to be published in June 2018).

Published in Journals
Keywords: Translation training, art texts, specialised translation, pedagogical issues, case study.
Supervisor: Dr. Paul RASTALL
Awarding institution: UNIVERSITY OF PORTSMOUTH
Completion date: 2006
Published in Doctoral Dissertations

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