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IATIS Yearbook 2007

As a research area, education in the fields of translation and interpreting has received growing attention in recent years, with the increasing professionalization of the language-mediation sector demanding ever more highly trained employees with broader repertoires. This trend is evidenced in the present collection, which addresses issues in pedagogy in a variety of translation and interpreting domains. A global range of contributors discuss teaching, evaluation, professionalization and competence as they apply to an array of educational and linguistic situations. Translator and Interpreter Training: Issues, Methods and Debates presents an in-depth consideration of the issues involved in this area of translation and interpreting studies, and will be of interest to all students and academics working and researching in the field.

Wednesday, 02 April 2008 18:51

Translation Studies in Africa

IATIS Yearbook 2008

Africa is a huge continent with multicultural nations, where translation and interpretation are everyday occurrences. Translation studies has flourished in Africa in the last decade, with countries often having several official languages.

The primary objective of this volume is to bring together research articles on translation and interpreting studies in Africa, written mainly, but not exclusively, by researchers living and working in the region. The focus is on the translation of literature and the media, and on the uses of interpreting. It provides a clear idea of the state and direction of research, and highlights research that is not commonly disseminated in North Africa and Europe. This book is an essential text for students and researchers working in translation studies, African studies and in African linguistics.

IATIS Yearbook 2009

Theories constantly change and grow. One consequence of this is that people write books and articles about their own and other people's theories, and translators almost always tell you their  theory (perhaps without realizing) in the introductions to their translations. A further consequence is that many of us (students as well as teachers) see the teaching of theory as crucial to the practice of translation and therefore to its teaching. It is only by understanding the complex interplay of theory and practice that we really benefit from studying either. It is only by changing our way of seeing translation that we can change ways of doing it and it is only by engaging with new perspectives that we can enhance the way we see. The clear message of this much-needed book is thus two-fold: theory opens out practice, allowing for innovation and experiment, and theory gives us a richer mental world with which to understand and discuss what we do.


Saturday, 02 April 2011 14:47

IATIS Membership Form Received

Thank you for submitting your details to IATIS for 2012 membership.

Please note that credit card payments are not processed automatically but are dealt with personally by IATIS membership officers. We will contact you by email in the coming days to acknowledge receipt of your payment details via this secure form and to let you know that the payment is about to be processed.

Once the card payment has been processed successfully we will contact you again to confirm your IATIS membership. At busy periods this procedure will inevitably take a little longer - thank you for your patience.

The IATIS Membership Committee

£45,336 to £52,556 per annum

Applications are invited for a Senior Lectureship in Applied Translation Studies to teach applied translation studies modules at undergraduate and MA levels and to supervise PGR students in this area.

You will have proven skills in all aspects of teaching and related administration, in enterprise and engagement, and in research. You should have a relevant first degree and a PhD (or equivalents).

Closing date: 12 noon on 6 May 2011.

See for more details.

Friday, 18 March 2011 19:52

International Journal of Translation

Type of publication: Journal issue
Working title of issue/volume: Screens We Live By: An Updated Insight Into Audiovisual Translation Research
Editors: Harpreet Kaur Bahri, Deepinder Singh Bahri; guest editor: Rosa Agost (Universitat Jaume I, Spain), 

Monday, 21 February 2011 19:03


The International Association for Translation & Intercultural Studies (IATIS) aims to promote international co-operation and scholarship in the fields of translation and intercultural studies through the organisation of regular international conferences.

For more information on individual conferences, please click on the conference in the main navigation menu on the left.

Monday, 21 February 2011 18:14

List of All Country Bands

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | Y | Z |


Afghanistan Band 4
Albania Band 3
Algeria Band 2
American Samoa Band 4
Andorra Band 1
Angola Band 2
Anguilla       Band 3
Antigua and Bermuda  Band 3
Argentina Band 4
Armenia Band 3
Aruba Band 1
Australia Band 1
Austria Band 1
Azerbaijan Band 2
B           [top]
Bahamas Band 1
Bahrain Band 1
Bangladesh Band 4
Barbados Band 1
Belarus Band 2
Belgium Band 1
Belize Band 3
Benin Band 4
Bermuda Band 1
Bhutan Band 3
Bolivia Band 3
Bosnia-Herzegovina Band 3
Botswana  Band 2
Brazil  Band 2
British Virgin Islands Band 1
Brunei Band 1
Bulgaria  Band 2
Burkina Faso Band 4
Burma Band 4
Burundi Band 4
C           [top]
Cambodia Band 4
Cameroon Band 4
Canada Band 1
Cape Verde Band 3
Cayman Islands Band 1
Central African Republic Band 4
Chad Band 4
Chile Band 2
China Band 2
Colombia Band 2
Comoros Band 4
Congo, Democratic Republic of Band 4
Congo, Republic of the Band 3
Cook Islands  Band 3
Costa Rica  Band 2
Cote d'Ivoire Band 4
Croatia Band 2
Cuba Band 4
Cyprus Band 1
Czech Republic Band 1
Czech Republic Band 2
D           [top]
Denmark Band 1
Djibouti Band 4
Dominica Band 3
Dominican Republic Band 3
E           [top]
East Timor Band 4
Ecuador Band 3
Egypt Band 3
El Salvador Band 3
Equatorial Guinea Band 2
Eritrea Band 4
Estonia Band 1
Estonia Band 2
Ethiopia Band 4
F           [top]
Falkland Islands-Islas Malvinas Band 1
Faroe Islands Band 1
Fiji Band 3
Finland Band 1
France Band 1
French Guiana  Band 3
French Polynesia Band 1
G           [top]
Gabon Band 2
Gambia Band 4
Gaza Strip Band 4
Georgia Band 3
Germany Band 1
Ghana Band 4
Gibraltar Band 1
Greece Band 1
Greek Republic of Cyprus (South) Band 1
Greenland Band 1
Grenada Band 2
Guadeloupe Band 4
Guam Band 1
Guatemala Band 3
Guernsey Band 1
Guinea Band 4
Guinea-Bissau Band 4
Guyana Band 3
H           [top]
Haiti Band 4
Honduras Band 3
Hong Kong Band 1
Hungary Band 2
I           [top]
Iceland Band 1
India Band 4
Indonesia Band 3
Iran  Band 2
Iraq Band 3
Ireland Band 1
Isle of Man Band 1
Israel Band 1
Italy Band 1
J           [top]
Jamaica Band 2
Japan Band 1
Jersey Band 1
Jordan Band 3
K           [top]
Kazakhstan  Band 2
Kenya Band 4
Kiribati Band 4
Korea, North Band 4
Korea, South Band 1
Kuwait Band 1
Kyrgyzstan Band 4
L           [top]
Laos Band 4
Latvia Band 2
Lebanon Band 2
Lesotho Band 4
Liberia Band 4
Libya  Band 2
Liechtenstein Band 1
Lithuania Band 2
Luxembourg Band 1
M           [top]
Macau Band 1
Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Band 2
Madagascar Band 4
Malawi Band 4
Malaysia Band 2
Maldives Band 2
Mali Band 4
Malta Band 1
Marshall Islands Band 4
Martinique Band 2
Mauritania Band 4
Mauritius Band 2
Mayotte Band 4
Mexico  Band 2
Micronesia, Federated States Band 4
Moldova Band 3
Monaco Band 1
Mongolia Band 3
Montenegro Band 2
Montserrat Band 4
Morocco Band 3
Mozambique Band 4
N           [top]
Namibia Band 2
Nauru Band 4
Nepal Band 4
Netherlands Band 1
Netherlands Antilles Band 2
New Caledonia Band 2
New Zealand Band 1
Nicaragua Band 4
Niger Band 4
Nigeria Band 4
Niue Band 4
Northern Mariana Islands Band 2
Norway Band 1
O           [top]
Oman Band 1
P           [top]
Pakistan Band 4
Palau Band 4
Palestine Band 4
Panama Band 2
Papua New Guinea Band 4
Paraguay Band 3
Peru Band 2
Philippines Band 3
Poland Band 2
Portugal Band 1
Puerto Rico Band 2
Q           [top]
Qatar Band 1
R           [top]
Reunion Band 4
Romania Band 2
Russia  Band 2
Rwanda Band 4
S           [top]
Saint Helena Band 4
Saint Kitts and Nevis  Band 2
Saint Lucia Band 2
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Band 4
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Band 2
Samoa Band 3
San Marino Band 1
Sao Tome and Principe Band 4
Saudi Arabia Band 1
Senegal Band 4
Serbia Band 2
Seychelles Band 2
Sierra Leone Band 4
Singapore Band 1
Slovakia Band 1
Slovenia Band 1
Solomon Islands Band 4
Somalia Band 4
South Africa Band 2
Spain Band 1
Sri Lanka Band 3
Sudan Band 4
Suriname Band 2
Swaziland Band 3
Sweden Band 1
Switzerland Band 1
Syria Band 3
T           [top]
Taiwan Band 1
Tajikistan Band 4
Tanzania Band 4
Thailand  Band 2
Togo Band 4
Tokelau Band 4
Tonga Band 3
Trinidad and Tobago Band 1
Tunisia  Band 3
Turkey  Band 2
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Band 4
Turkmenistan Band 3
Turks and Caicos Islands  Band 3
Tuvalu Band 3
U           [top]
Uganda Band 4
Ukraine Band 3
United Arab Emirates Band 1
United Kingdom Band 1
United States Band 1
Uruguay Band 2
Uzbekistan Band 4
V           [top]
Vanuatu Band 3
Venezuela Band 2
Vietnam Band 4
Virgin Islands Band 2
W           [top]
Wallis and Futuna Band 4
West Bank Band 4
Y           [top]
Yemen Band 4
Z           [top]
Zambia Band 4
Zimbabwe Band 4
Monday, 21 February 2011 18:03

Band 4 Countries

Monday, 21 February 2011 18:00

Band 3 Countries

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