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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 14:40

Languaging in Cultures

Call for papers

Volume 6 (2013)




15th March 2013: call for abstracts

30 June 2013: full papers



Issue 6 will include an interview with David Crystal, focussing on language and in particular on the glocalization of language(s), Englishes and what this means for those who need to internationalise outside of their own habitual language. 

We would be happy to receive proposals for Cultus 6 regarding plurilinguism, a lingua franca or translation/interpretation in relation to intercultural and transcultural realities. As a theoretical notion, 'languaging' denotes a fluid system of communication that is constructed and performed by individuals during 'collaborative dialogue'. Though usually used to talk about language learning, the term 'languaging' will here be extended to encompass language change across cultures.

For further information please visit our website:


Cultus: the Journal of intercultural mediation and communication is an international refereed journal focussing on the role of culture in constructing, perceiving and translating reality. The Journal aims to develop an awareness of the interplay between language and culture in communication.

The goal of this Journal is to promote research, education and training in communication by investigating language, languages, cultural models, conflict, mediation and interculturality. Furthermore, since translation is considered as mediation between cultures it will be included as a way of seeing cultural linguistics at work.

Each issue contains a selected number of internationally refereed articles broadly themed around a central topic in intercultural communication, and also includes an interview.

Editors: David Katan (University of the Salento)

            Cinzia Spinzi (University of Palermo)

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