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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 19:05

Call for papers: TranslatoLogica

Authors are invited to submit original unpublished papers to the upcoming 2018 issue of TranslatoLogica. 

The abstract submission deadline is December 26.


The publication will cover issues related to a broadly conceived thematic field of translation science, including:

Cultural and social aspects of translation (literary translation, legal translation, technical translation);

Translation and creativity;

Theoretical and practical issues in translation and interpreting;

Localization and audiovisual translation (software/video game localization);

Translation in the age of New Media;

The translation process as an intercultural dialogue;

Interpreter/translator as a cultural mediator;

The role of an interpreter/a translator in society (community interpreting);

Contextual aspects of translation;

Translation as/at the crossroads of culture;

Translation and globalization processes;

Aspects of teaching and training translation.


An abstract of the manuscript (150-300 words long) should be sent to translatologica[at]uwr[dot]edu[dot]pl by 26 December 2017. Contributors will receive notification of acceptance within 1-3 weeks of submission.

The deadline for manuscript submission is 24 April 2018.

All submitted papers must be clearly written in academic English and contain only original work, which has not been published by or is currently under review for any other journal. Papers must not exceed 25 pages (5000-7500 words) including figures, tables, and references. All manuscripts must be submitted on the journal template, which can be downloaded through the Submission Guidelines tab.

The publication date of the 2018 issue is September 2018

If you face problems with paper submission, please feel free to contact the editor at translatologica[at]uwr[dot]edu[dot]pl

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