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Monday, 07 October 2019 19:16


The Organising Committee is committed to offering an onsite Conference but given the difficulties some of you may experience in being present on campus, we are switching to a hybrid mode of delivery, allowing for remote attendance or on-site attendance. However, on-site attendance will only be available for delegates who are scheduled to speak at the conference; remote attendance will only be available to some speaker-participants (priority given to to speakers with travel restrictions). This is because the Organising Committee intends to strike a balance between the need to encourage face-to-face, on-site interaction, the need to accommodate for people’s travel restrictions and the obligation to ensure social distancing and any other safety and health regulations applicable at the time of the conference. 

Please note that IATIS offers a bursary and the OC has raised a solidarity fund for delegates experiencing difficulties in the pandemic. Deadline 30 April 2021. Check eligibility and application process here.  

For on-site participation, please check entry restrictions and authorizations, on the Spanish Ministry of Health portal, and the Autonomous Region of Catalonia entry requirements, updated every week. This official website is also useful. In case of doubt, please contact the Spanish Embassy in your country of departure.

Note: Early bird deadline is 30th May, and all fees are shown in EUROS

Registration is required for all presenters and participants of the conference. Co-authors do not need to register unless they plan to participate in the conference.

Registration fees, in euros, for the IATIS Barcelona Conference are as follows:

ON CAMPUS — physical attendance

Speakers & Panel Convenors only





Including catering

Excluding catering

Including Catering

Excluding Catering



250 €

180 €

280 €

210 €


300 €

230 €

350 €

280 €



195 €

125 €

210 €

140 €


225 €

155 €

275 €

205 €

OFF CAMPUS — online participation


Speakers & Panel Convenors

special cases only







160 €

190 €


200 €

230 €



120 €

150 €


150 €

170 €


Until full

30 €

60 €


You can check the corresponding fee in your own currency by consulting online currency converters.

Register via the following webpage:

>>> Before registering, read the conference policy. <<<

ON Campus registration fee includes attendance to the sessions, active participation, conference materials and campus WI-FI access. 

OFF Campus registration fee includes all of the same services as On Campus participation, except for some conference materials (like pens and badges), plus the additional technical support required to enable online participation.

Catering fee is for lunches and coffee breaks throughout the Conference.

All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. They do not cover travel, accommodation, conference dinner or other meals not specified, but they can be switched from on-site to off-site or vice-versa with the necessary refunds or extra payment in the event of change of type of participation. All fees allow for remote access to all presentations in parallel sessions live and recorded by registered participants only, and for the period of one month.

An official letter of acceptance will be provided upon request.

Registering as an IATIS member

If you want to register as an IATIS member, please make sure your affiliation is valid between the moment you register and the last day of the conference. You can check your status by logging in onto the IATIS main page and by clicking upon my membership. This information will be cross-checked on the IATIS DATABASE by the Conference organisers.

In order to subscribe to IATIS or to renew your membership, please click HERE.

Delegates will have to register early bird (by 30 May 2021) to have their presentations included in the conference programme. After 30 May 2021, late registration will be open only to those wishing to attend the conference without giving any form of presentation whatsoever. 

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