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Mona Baker

Many of you will know that the BBC is about to do a long dramatisation of Vasily Grossman's LIFE AND FATE.  This is based on my translation of the novel.  This is a dramatization, not a reading, and therefore it does not use only the words of my translation. Nevertheless, most episodes use a large number of my words, and at least one - The Last Letter - uses few, if any, words indeed that are not mine.

If you read through this press release, you will find credit duly given to directors, producers, dramatizers, actors, composers and players of music.  There are no prizes for guessing who is not mentioned: the invisible translator.

Hussein, Nadia M.A.

Doctoral Dissertation, Leicester, UK: De Montfort University, 2011

Advisors: Brian Williams & Dennis Anthony

The New York Times


Published: September 3, 2011

The Rev. Eugene A. Nida, a linguist and Baptist minister who spurred a Babel of Bibles, recruiting and training native speakers to translate Scripture into a host of languages around the world, died on Aug. 25 at his home in Madrid. He was 96.

Saturday, 03 September 2011 23:07

Speak Up, Speak Out: NUPIT Campaign

Message from the newly founded National Union of Professional Interpreters and Translators, UK

Dear Colleague
As you may know NUPIT/Unite is shortly to launch the Speak Up, Speak Out campaign in support of the Public Service Interpreting profession.Our campaign leaflets are printed and ready for distribution, the campaign page is already on the Union website. Please have a look at it. We would like you to get actively involved. Log on at

Thursday, 01 September 2011 18:56

Protocol of Understanding between IATIS & AIETI

The International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS) and the Asociación Ibérica de Estudios de Traducción e Interpretación (AIETI) share common goals in developing research on translation and interpreting studies. These goals include: (a) to promote research on translation, interpreting and intercultural communication; (b) to provide a framework for the scholarly discussion of issues related to the education and professional development of translators and interpreters; (c) to encourage public awareness of research in Translation and Interpreting Studies. To foster closer cooperation between the two associations in these terms, IATIS and AIETI wish, through this protocol of understanding, to formalize institutional links between their associations.

Friday, 26 August 2011 19:41

2 Fellowships, KU Leuven Research Project

The KULeuven research project "Customs officers or smugglers?” studying the mediating activities of Belgian intercultural actors (translators, multilingual writers, self-translators, bilingual literature and art critics) and their networks is offering:

2 Fellowships: 1 Doctoral Researcher (48 months); 1 Postdoctoral Researcher (18 months)

Friday, 26 August 2011 19:05

Eugene Nida dies

Dr Eugene Nida, a giant and pioneer of Bible translation in the last century, died yesterday, 26 August, aged 96.

The article below is by Dr Philip C. Stine. And see also

Colleagues are encouraged to consider signing a petition initiated by professional interpreters in the UK, even if they are not a NRPSI/DPSI/legal interpreter. The issue they are campaigning against will affect both the profession and the discipline worldwide in the future. But see disclaimer, below, from Applied Language Solutions.


For those who are residents and/or citizens of the UK, there is now a petition on the govt's own website which has been set up by Dr Zuzana Windle. If these criteria of residency and/or citizenship apply to you, you might like to sign that petition at:


Further updates at end of page, added 27 August 2011.

Sunday, 03 July 2011 15:40

Tusaaji: A Translation Review

In the Inuktitut language, the word tusaaji means “one who listens carefully.” It designates a person who has an exceptional capacity to listen to others. Tusaaji is also the Inuit word for “interpreter/translator”.

Edited by Maximilian Herberger and Tinka Reichmann, published in Saarbrücken by Verlag Alma Mater, 2010. ISBN 978-3-935009-43-0 (pbk), 29.80 Euros.

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