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IATIS Policy

By submitting a proposal for and participating in the IATIS 6th International Conference (2018), you accept the following policy:

Policy on social media

IATIS will use a range of social media and websites to advertise and report on the conference for the benefit of the broader academic community. Your image, name and information about your presentation may be circulated for such purposes.

Certain presentations may be videoed by the organizers. Should this be the case, the speaker in question will be approached beforehand for their formal consent.

Apart from the official photographers arranged by the organizers, no individual delegates should take images (including images of Powerpoint materials), conference presentation videos and/or clips or upload any of the above-mentioned to any social media platform unless they have the consent of the speakers.

Submissions policy: one submission per author only

In order to give the chance for as many speakers as possible, each delegate may submit only one proposal as main author. Only panel and workshop organizers are allowed to submit a separate abstract if they wish to present a paper or a poster. We thus strongly discourage

  1. multiple submissions by the same author and
  2. multiple submissions of papers by the same group of multiple authors under different speaker names.

Non-refundable registration policy

There will be no refund of fees in case of cancellations, except where visas have been denied (see below). Participants are strongly advised to take out an insurance policy to cover travel and registration costs in case they have to cancel participation in the conference.

Refunds for cancellation owing to denial of visa will be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to the submission of appropriate documentary evidence, and must be made in writing by 30 June 2018. No refund applications will be considered after this date. Refunds will exclude an administration fee of HK$500 up and all bank charges incurred.

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