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Theme: Translation & Cultural Mobility

The theme of “Translation and Cultural Mobility” may be understood in a broad sense to cover issues arising from the study and practice of translation in its different forms (from interpreting to film adaptation to cultural translation) and in a wide variety of contexts, including those concerning commerce, colonization, exile, emigration, travel and technology. Related thematic areas include, but are not limited to the following.

Models of mobility in translation and intercultural studies

Translation and the problematics of nationalism

Censorship and other barriers to cultural mobility

Translation and the promotion of diversity, tolerance and respect for difference

Translation and commerce

Translation and colonization

Translation and travel

Translation and minorities

Translation between ethnic groups

Translation, technology and cultural mobility

Translation and multiculturalism

Translation and intercultural encounters

Translation, cultural mobility, and the writing of history

Interpreting as intervention in intercultural relations

Innovative practices in cultural translation

The ethics and politics of cultural translation

Translation in a multilingual society

The translator’s roles, identities and networks


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