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IATIS 2012 Panels

Panels are groups of papers organised around a particular sub-theme. Each panel has its own call for papers and a designated chair. Calls for papers for panels are available below.

To submit an abstract to a panel, please use the link provided.


Panel 1
Speech Acts Defining Translation

Chair: Daniela Almansi

Panel 2
Translation, Technology, Status

Chairs: Sharon O’Brien and Alberto Fernández Costales

Panel 3

Can Loss be More? Audiovisual translation and its potentials for linguistic and cultural representation
Chairs: Marie-Noëlle Guillot and Maria Pavesi 

Panel 4
Media and/in Translation: exploring synergies and representations across language and culture boundaries
Chairs: Rosita Maglie and Annarita Taronna

Panel 5
Serving Different Interests: Translators in Sino-British conflicts in the 18th & 19th century

Chair: Lawrence Wong

Panel 6
Translation to and from Portuguese in areas of military conflict, political upheaval, and economic change

Chair: John Milton

Panel 7
Translation and Sport in a Globalised World

Chair: Roger Baines

Panel 8
Translating “Controversial” Arabic Works

Chair: Tarek Shamma

Panel 9
Minority languages and the tensions of translation

Chair: Cristina Valdés

Panel 10
Cross-Cultural Concepts and Translation Theory

Chair: Maria Tymoczko

Panel 11
Interpreting and the Social Fabric

Julie Boéri and Sofía García-Beyaert

 Panel 12
Translations and Translators in Latin America
Chairs: Andrea Pagni, Gertrudis Pav
às and Patricia Willson

Panel 13 
Innovation in Translation and Interpreting Pedagogy
CALL CLOSED -- abstracts are no longer being accepted for this panel 

Chairs: Don Kiraly and Silvia Hansen-Schirra

Panel 14
Epistemicide: Translation and the Globalization of Knowledge

Chair: Karen Bennett

Panel 15
Teaching and Capacity Expansion in a Modern Translation/Interpreting Classroom

Chair: Yong Zhong 


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