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IATIS 2012 Conference Theme

The theme of the IATIS 2012 conference is: ‘Translation and the Politics of Recognition’. This may be interpreted in a broad manner, embracing such topics as globalisation, cultural encounter, intercultural relations and conflict.

Related thematic areas include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • the crisis in models of multiculturalism and integrationism;
  • the role of translation in terms of conflict resolution, mediation and reporting;
  • covert censorship - mediated manipulations and the role of the translator / interpreter;
  • cultural translation between ethnic groups, particularly majoritarian and minoritarian;
  • translation, minorities, and language rights;
  • translation, public memory and memorialisation;
  • the translator / interpreter as cultural broker in a transnational world;
  • intercultural relations and their political impact;
  • interaction between the cultures of 'large' and 'small' nations;
  • the role of literary translation in challenging or reinforcing cultural difference;
  • transnational media and their role in facilitating, or discouraging, intercultural understanding;
  • translation/interpreting and its politics;
  • translation/interpreting and its ethics;
  • translation and the contesting of nationalist narratives;
  • recognition of the translator in technologised workflows;
  • the identity of the translator/the translator’s multiple identities.

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