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Issue - 2 (2006)

Edited by 

Gabriela Saldanha, Marion Winters and Charlotte Bosseaux



Gabriela Saldanha, Marion Winters and Charlotte Bosseaux





The rise and fall of a translational compound: “the only begotten” in the English versions of the New Testament

Piotr Blumczynski

University of Wrocław, POLAND




The Use of Verbs in Research Articles: Corpus Analysis for Scientific Writing and Translation

Arianne Reimerink

Universidad de Granada, SPAIN




Dis/Similarities between Patient Information Leaflets in Britain and Italy: Implications for the Translator

Silvia Cacchiani

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, ITALY




Translation of Names in Children’s Fantasy Literature: Bringing the Young Reader into Play

Lincoln Fernandes

Pós-Graduação em Estudos da Tradução, BRAZIL





(This section contains abstracts of recently submitted PhD theses.)


Representation of gay characters in a collection of short stories entitled Stud and its Brazilian translation as Aventuras de um Garoto de Programa

Adail Sebastião Rodrigues Júnior

Federal University of Ouro Preto, BRAZIL


From Discourse to Practice: Rethinking “Translation” (Terceme) and Related Practices of Text Production in the Late Ottoman Literary Tradition

Cemal Demircioglu

Okan University, Istanbul, TURKEY


Theatre and Wordplay: Translating Boris Vian’s Plays

Fabio Regattin

Università di Bologna, ITALY


Bringing Professional Reality into Conference Interpreter Training through New Technologies and Action Research

Jesús de Manuel Jerez

University of Granada, SPAIN


Curriculum Renewal in Translator Training: Vocational Challenges in Academic Environments with Reference to Needs and Situation Analysis and Skills Transferability from the Contemporary Experience of Polish Translator Training Culture

John Kearns


Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

Josélia Neves

Insituto Politécnico de Leiria, PORTUGAL


Estudio descriptivo y discursivo de la traducción del humor en textos audiovisuales. El caso de Los Simpson

Juan José Martínez Sierra

Universitat Jaume I, Castelló, SPAIN


Gregory Rabassa’s Latin American Literature: A Translator’s Visible Legacy

María Constanza Guzmán

York University, Glendon College, CANADA


Creolising translation, translating creolization

Rohan Anthony Lewis

University of Technology, JAMAICA


Translation and The Language of Information Technology. A Corpus-based Study of the Vocabulary of Information Technology in English and its Translation into Arabic and Swedish

Sattar Izwaini

Abu Dhabi University, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES


Translation as an ideological interface: English translations of Hitler’s Mein Kampf

Stefan Baumgarten

Aston University, Birmingham, UK


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