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Issue - 3 (2007)

Edited by

Marion Winters, Stefan Baumgarten and Sameh Hanna



Marion Winters, Stefan Baumgarten and Sameh Hanna





The Duet of the Author and the Translator: Looking at Style through Shifts in Literary Translation

Hilkka Pekkanen

University of Helsinki, FINLAND




Gulliver’s Travels into Finnish: Translations of Swift’s Social Critique 1876–1932

Michael Jääskeläinen

University of Helsinki, FINLAND




"It beseems me not to say": Irony as a device to design a dual audience in translations for children

Sanne Parlevliet

University of Groningen, THE NETHERLANDS





(This section contains abstracts of recently submitted PhD theses.)


Oral Sources in Translation: 19th-Century and Contemporary Perspectives on Translating Orality

Ilaria Dal Brun


Training for translation: the case of specialized translation training and art texts

Maria Kasandrinou

University of Portsmouth, U.K.


Discussion, Cooperation and Collaboration: Group Learning in an Online Translation Classroom

Mary Ann Kenny

Dublin City University, IRELAND


Magnifying Glasses Modifying Maps. Beginning the Development of Translation Competence in Basic Levels of Spanish as a Foreign Language

 Heloísa Pezza Cintrao

University of São Paulo, BRAZIL


The Translation Workshop: an Integrated Teaching Methodology for Translation Teaching at University

Marcella La Rocca

Università di Palermo, ITALY


Forms of Address in Contemporary English and Polish: Implications for Translation

Agnieszka Szarkowska

University of Warsaw, POLAND


The Translation of Metaphors in William H. Gass's Novellas

Enrico Monti

Università di Bologna, ITALY


An Empirical and Descriptive Study of the Translation Method for Dubbing and Subtitling

José Luis Martí Ferriol

Universitat Jaume I, Castelló, SPAIN


Translators’ Revision Processes: Global Revision Approaches and Strategic Revision Behaviours

Claire Yi Yi Shih

Middlesex University, U.K.


Diplomatic Interpreters in Post-World War II Japan: Voices of the Invisible Presence in Foreign Relations

Kumiko Machida Torikai

Rikkyo University, Tokyo, JAPAN


The Consecutive Conference Interpreter as Intercultural Mediator: a Cognitive-pragmatic Approach to the Interpreter’s Role

Aladdin Al-Zahran

Aleppo University, SYRIA


The Misery and the Splendour of Translation: Ortega y Gasset’s Influence on Contemporary Translation Studies

Pilar Ordóñez-López

Universitat Jaume I, Castelló, SPAIN


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