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New Voices in Translation Studies 20 (2019) Special Issue

Edited by

Ruth Abou Rached, Edmund Chapman, David Charlston, Kelly Pasmatzi, M. Zain Sulaiman, Marija Todorova


Book Reviews Editors: Ruth Abou Rached, Marija Todorova

Abstracts Editors: Kelly Pasmatzi, M. Zain Sulaiman


Special Issue: ‘Negotiating Power in Translation and interpreting: Agency, Representation, Ideology’

Guest-edited by

Deborah Giustini and Chonglong Gu


Editors’ Introduction

New Voices Editorial Team

[Editorial]                                                         i-v




When Vaginas Speak Chinese: Mobilizing Feminism through Translation

Wangtaolue Guo, University of Alberta, CANADA

[Abstract]          [Article]                                          1 – 26


Translating “Unequal Treaties” between China and Great Britain during 1842-1843: Reconstruction of Ideology and Practice of Power

Zien Guo, University of Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM

[Abstract]          [Article]                                                  27 – 53


Interpreting as Ideologically-Structured Action: Collective Identity between Activist Interpreters and Protesters

Mark Halley, Gallaudet University, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

[Abstract]          [Article]                                                  54 – 85


Understanding the Social Dynamics of Amateur Subtitling: A Bourdieusian Perspective on Fansubbing in China

Sijing Lu, University of Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM

[Abstract]          [Article]                                                   86 – 129


The Semantic Elaboration and Subversion of Iko in Igbo Bible Translation

Uchenna Oyali, University of Abuja, NIGERIA

[Abstract]          [Article]                                                  130 – 162


Negotiating Power and Translation in a Bilingual (British Sign Language/English) Rehearsal Room

Michael Richardson, Heriot-Watt University, UNITED KINGDOM

[Abstract]          [Article]                                                  163 – 184


Translation Networks and Power: An Archival Research on the English Translation of Mo Yan’s The Garlic Ballads

Wenqian Zhang, University of Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM

[Abstract]          [Article]                                                  185 – 205



Translation in the Borderlands of Spanish: Balancing Power in English Translations from Judeo-Spanish and Spanglish

Remy Attig, Saint Francis Xavier University, CANADA



Cognitive Behaviors in the Translation Process: A Case Study of Student Translators

Engliana, Universitas Indraprasta PGRI, INDONESIA



The Operational Norms of Prefabricated Chunks in Chinese-English Consecutive Interpreting: A Corpus-based Approach

Yang Li , Northeastern University, CHINA



Interpreting in the Media: Organisational, Interactional and Discursive Aspects of Dialogue Interpreting in Radio Settings: A Study of Spain's Radio 3

Pedro Jesús Castillo Ortiz, Universidad de Granada, SPAIN



Bible Translation and Language Elaboration: The Igbo Experience

Uchenna Oyali, University of Abuja, NIGERIA



Texts and Traditions in Seventeenth Century Goa: Reading Cultural Translation, Sacredness, and Transformation in the Kristapurāṇa of Thomas Stephens S.J.

Annie Rachel Royson, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, INDIA


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