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New Voices in Translation Studies 17 (2017)

Edited by

Ruth Abou Rached, Edmund Chapman, David Charlston, Gloria Lee, Kelly Pasmatzi, M. Zain Sulaiman, Marija Todorova


Book Reviews Editors: Ruth Abou Rached, Gloria Lee, Marija Todorova

Abstracts Editors: Kelly Pasmatzi, M. Zain Sulaiman


Editors’ Introduction
M. Zain Sulaiman
[Editorial]                                                                                   i - v



The Treatment of Intertextuality in Translation Studies: A case study with the latest English translation of Simone de Beauvoir’s Le Deuxième Sexe
Marlène Bichet
University of Salford, UK / Université de Franche-Comté, FRANCE
[Abstract]           [Article]                                                             1 - 30

Applications of Simultaneous-Interpreting Corpora in Terminology Research
Tamara Cabrera Castro
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
[Abstract]           [Article]                                                             31 - 51

The Quality of Mercy: A corpus-based analysis of the quality of volunteer translations for non-profit organizations (NPOs)
Giulia Gigliotti
University of Portsmouth, UK
[Abstract]           [Article]                                                             52 - 81

Using Translation Research to Model Word-Image Interaction
Anne Ketola
University of Tampere, FINLAND
[Abstract]           [Article]                                                             82 - 104

Empresses adapted to impress: Examining adaptation and translation in the TV Series Empresses in the Palace
Shasha Zhang and Katerina Perdikaki
University of Surrey, UK
[Abstract]           [Article]                                                             105 - 131



Reviewer: Phrae Chittiphalangsri
Title reviewed:

Translation and Rewriting in the Age of Post-Translation Studies by Edwin Gentzler (2017)
[Book Review]                                                                            132 - 136

Reviewer: Caleb Keown
Title reviewed:

What is Cultural Translation? by Sarah Maitland (2017)
[Book Review]                                                                            137 - 142



Exploring the Translation of Feminist Philosophy: Simone de Beauvoir’s Le Deuxième Sexe
Marlène Bichet
University of Salford, UK


(Post-)Editing: A Workplace Study of Translator-Computer Interaction at TextMinded Danmark A/S. 2017. Aarhus University
Kristine Bundgaard
Aalborg University, DENMARK


Afterlives: Benjamin, Derrida and Literature in Translation
Edmund Chapman
University of Manchester, UK


Managing Translation Projects: Practices and quality in production networks
Melanie Foedisch
University of Manchester, UK


Multilingual Knowledge Production and Dissemination in Wikipedia: A spatial narrative analysis of the collaborative construction of city-related articles within the user-generated encyclopaedia
Henry Jones
University of Manchester, UK


A Grammar of God: Translation, Grammar and Memory in the Arte y reglas de la lenguatagala (1610)
Marlon James Sales
Monash University, AUSTRALIA


Tasting Other Tongues: The Translation of Guillermo Fadanelli’s ¿Te veré en el desayuno?
Alice Whitmore
Monash University, AUSTRALIA





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