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Friday, 28 October 2016 09:52

Call for papers - International Symposium: Parallel corpora: Creation and Applications

Parallel corpora: Creation and Applications – International Symposium

The need and demand for high-quality parallel corpora has increased in recent years, as their scope of application is becoming steadily broader. Aligned parallel corpora are a valuable resource for a wide range of applications, including, among others, research in contrastive linguistics and translation studies, lexicography, language teaching and learning, translation, machine translation and further statistical applications.

This broad range of applications in turn poses a major challenge in building a parallel corpus. Since the creation of a parallel corpus is a labour-intensive and time-consuming task it is crucial to design a multifunctional resource able to meet the needs of diverse user groups, satisfying the requirements of demanding users such as linguists and translators without discouraging other users such us language learners from using the corpus.

With this symposium we try to encourage dialogue and contact among researchers working on building parallel corpora and researchers exploring such resources for various purposes. Main goals of this workshop are (a) to identify key challenges by bringing together different research perspectives with a special focus on the applications and (b) to provide a platform for presentation of projects on parallel corpora where Spanish is the pivot language.

Event details:

Department of English and German Philology
University of Santiago de Compostela
1-3 December 2016
The deadline for abstract submission is now October 15, 2016.

Please visit the website for information on topics, speakers, submissions, registration, and for further updates.

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