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Seventh IATIS Regional Workshop

Friday, 17 March 2017 10:10

Workshop theme and Cfp

Writing the Margins: Negotiating the Politics of Translating Dalit Literature

India, 22-24th November 2017

West Bengal State University, Calcutta

New political and cultural margins have emerged as contested terrain in translation studies and one such margin that has witnessed much activity is the area of Dalit Literature. With Dalits and ‘Dalit issues’ gaining electoral mileage on the Indian subcontinent, the political scenario in India has seen the emergence of a space that is fraught with anxieties, apprehensions and misunderstandings. This has led to an increasing demand for intellectual interactions and exchanges between the erstwhile ‘elite’ centers and the margins that are now making rapid strides towards the political centres. Translation has been a key word here, and speeches, essays, manifestoes have needed translations into the common Indian languages, Hindi or English.

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